Innovation and quality combined with extensive experience.

Floki's goal is to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the garments produced for your company so that there is a better quality-price ratio and make the most of the "Made in Portugal" factor.

Professional Experience

Floki is a specialized textile company with vast experience and it is dedicated to this market segment due to the fact that it is constantly investing in the area of the work equipment.


We invest in order to stop having the "usual" setbacks of the sector and still to optimize the quality of your products as well as our efficiency.


The innovation and investment that were made in the company led to an increase in the production capacity of over 30% so we can satisfy even more and even better our customers.


We guarantee the optimization of the quality of our products taking into account our investments in this area.

The experience allied with the continuous training of our employees allows us to guarantee a service of excellence.

After the manufacturing process is concluded, all of our garments undergo a product control in which are verified visual aspects as well as all its finishes.

— Digital Printing
— Sublimation Printing
— Laser Printing
— All-over Printing
— Induction
— Traditional Embroidery
— High Frequency
— Application of Stones and Sequins
— Printing per meter
— Printing in garment
— Embroidery


We want to collaborate with you and help you reach and exceed your goals.